Downtown Pittsburgh’s Skinny Building to be restored to its original state

Some cool info on the Skinny Building downtown.  You can see various versions of this on the old maps here.  There’s also some good background info on it here and here.

A street from wooden blocks

Close up view of the wooden blocks

Rosyln Place is a narrow cul-de-sac in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood.

Thomas Dodd was an immigrant from England when he was a child and at age 23 joined the Pittsburgh Railroad and soon became the chief engineer.  He and his wife Mary moved into a home in Shadyside and bought the neighboring land parcel.  Here in 1913, he developed Rosyln Place – a cul-de-sac 18 homes and townhouses.

Wood was once a commonly used construction material in plank roads in the 1800s but soon gave way to more modern materials.  Roslyn Place stands out as a short narrow street that went against the grain.  The original blocks lasted almost 70 years without having to be replaced.