Gulf Filling Station 1913

Good Gulf Gasoline Filling Station

In December 1913, Gulf Refining Company opened the nation’s first drive-in service station at the corner of Baum Boulevard and St. Clair Street in Pittsburgh.  The pagoda-style brick facility offered free air, water, crankcase service, and tire and tube installation.  On its first day, the station sold 30 gallons of gasoline at 27 cents per gallon. On its first Saturday, Gulf’s new service station pumped 350 gallons of gasoline.

It was no surprise that Gulf decided to open its filling station on Baum Blvd.  It had become known as “automobile row” for the numerous dealerships and service stations.  You can see them clearly on the 1925 map.  The East Liberty station also was the first to pass out the free road maps produced by Gulf and used as a marketing tool.  1915 road mapMaps of PA has a great site dedicated to the Automotive road maps, with Pennsylvania ones from 1915 to 1929.

Go to the Pittviewer and look at the 1925 map of the filling station site.


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